Jaqueline Desanti

Jaqueline Desanti

The labouring of material is preponderant in the work of Jacqueline Desanti: thick and smooth surfaces constantly integrate and oppose themself: pleats, veins, scars, tatoos, traces enhanced through the earth, sand, marble powder and other materials which express the life and sensuality of life in deep union with the colour.

Like façades, the edges of a wall, the painting of the artist, tells about parts of history, shows the wound, forgotten sensations, reveals obsessions, ghosts, trapped desires and recalls hidden memories to the mind .

In the paintings of Jacqueline Desanti, one experiences new visual sensations Her large formats are full of the enthusiasm and the doubts of an explorer in the territory of the painting, of an artist during her research of another consistency in the world

Forms and colours have a dialogue and face themselves through entering deep inside the space with large strokes, through generously enlightening all shades, in crossing nervous, or angry or strong lines.

Self-taught woman, starts to expose in 1995. Lives and work in Corsica.

Main personal exhibitions

Jacqueline Desanti regularly expose in the South:
Gallery Du Corps de garde – Bonifacio (1999-01-02)
Gallery Arkane – Ajaccio (2002 -04)
Space du Bastion – Porto-Vecchio (2002-03)
Gallery Des sens, Porto-Vecchio (2003)
Gallery «La maison Flotte» – Sanary-sur-mer (2003).
In Paris:
Space Richelieu – av Georges V (2000)
Gallery Pierre Delastre, (2001)
Gallery Vivendi – place des Vosges (2002-03)

Her works on pape are permanent presented in the «Banque de l’image» while her works on canvas are permanent presented in the «La Galerie», Paris 3ème (2002-03-04).

Collectiv expositions and events

She has been present in many collectiv expositions:
Gallery «le Bivouac» exposition of the Art’ère association–Ajaccio (1998)
Gallery «Fronti di mare»-Ajaccio (2000)
Gallery «la maison flotte»-Sanary sur mer (2003)
Museum Sanary sur mer (2003) inside the painting 9 ème Collectif d’artistes d’Art Concept (Var)
Italian consulate–Bastia (2004)
Congresspalace–Ajaccio (2004)-Arte Cità

She is present in halls like:
«Salon des réalités nouvelles» – Paris (2001-02-03)
Salon « Mac 2000 » – Paris (2003-2005)

Festival septenbrià, Tavagna club (Août 2004)
Festival Arte Cità, Bastia (Nov 2004)

Programmed expositions:

Festival of mediterranean film mediterraneo, «un parcours dans la ville» (one route through the city), Arte Cità (oct /Nov 2005)
Gallery Adareva – Ajaccio (Avril 2006)
Collective of mediterranean artists, Festival of from Marakech – Marocco (2006)
Castel of contemporary art of Caross – Caross (2006)
Gallery De’ Freo –Pietrasanta (Italia)
Gallery RX – Paris 8ème (2006)
Exposition at the Lion d’or – Montréal (2006)


Responsible of the Art’ère associaton (1997-99) – Graphic conception: theater poster and shenery – Conception, graphic for the collection «Nouvelles corses» – éd.Albiana; cover for discs – Creation of pattern for wallpaper (Company of courses of colours and materials Centre Albizia (2001-02-03-04).