Federico Guerri

Federico Guerri

Federico Guerri, born in Cesena, Italy in 1972, is a well-known Italian artist who has moved from expressing his art in big size sculptures to dreamlike drawings.


He studied art at the Fine Arts Academy in Bologna where he graduated in 1995. After his graduation he developed his personal exploration of art and since 2005 his work has moved over to a strictly pictorial area, combining drawing and painting.

He has participated in several solo- and group exhibitions, cultural events as well as art competitions, where his art has earned recognition and been awarded.

Federico is living and working in his birthplace in Cesena, Italy.

In his work Federico is chasing the dream of a drawn world, or at least a perfect correspondence between the imaginary and reality. For him, drawing assumes features of a primary and archaic activity, something that dwells outside time and art. The graphite has the same power as of the brush, he doesn’t need color to move a step beyond or to make himself convincing; he relies on a silvery trait. By working directly onto an unprepared canvas, treated with a basis of water and suspended graphite, he elaborates forms that combine the human hand with a planning quality. Visions of invisible cities or topographies of imagination, with paths that interrupts either to immediately restart or to vanish into thin air, are frequently located within the thick weave of urban signs; here is a dome, a vault, a major road, there appears to be spires, roofs, scaffolds and vertebras of a wall. It is like looking at some kind of aerial blueprint of a dusty, layered and disseminated city or empire rotating around its own axis. From the smallest block to its panoramic extension, the territory grows as a compact, immense ideogram – it shuts itself up into a code that waits to be deciphered. It could continue endlessly, as a kind of tribute to the practically inexhaustible series of alphabetic and numeric combinations.

Important solo exhibitions:

“Universi”, Weber &Weber gallery, Torino, Italy, 2011

“Leitmotiv”, Scatola Bianca Project room, Venezia, Italy, 2011

“Grand Tour”, Laboratorio dell’imperfetto, Gambettola, Italy, 2011

“Sentieri interrotti”, L’affiche gallery, Milan, Italy, 2010

“Simboli politico – ho trovato un ordine nel dominio dei nervi“, Gasparelli gallery, Fano, Italy, 2010

“Mappa mundi”, Gasparelli gallery, Fano, Italy, 2008

“Bisso Marino”, Pieri gallery, Cesena, Italy, 2007

“Fuori di de”, Casa Rossini, Lugo, Italy, 2006

“Grafite”, Esspressione, Cesenatico, Italy, 2005

Important group exhibitions:

Amor sacro, Percorsi gallery, Rimini, Italy, 2010

“Ben Venuto”, de freo gallery, Pietrasanta, Italy, 2010

“Amor sacro”, Percorsi gallery, Rimini, Italy, 2010

“A wonderful world”, Pieri gallery, Cesena, Italy, 2009

“Liberi libri – carte e libre d’artista”, Weber & Weber gallery, Turin, Italy, 2009

“Abracadabra”, Pieri gallery, Cesena, Italy, 2009

“Doppio sogno”, Palazzo del Capitano, Cesena, Italy, 2008

“Do it yourself”, Delle Battaglie gallery, Brescia, Italy, 2008

“Premio San Fedele”, San Fedele gallery, Milan, Italy, 2008

“Premio Campigna”, workshop with Anne and Patrick Poirer, S. Sofia, Italy, 2007

“Centro Periferie”, Federculture prize, Rome, Italy, 2007

“Collective Thinking”, Delle Battaglie gallery, Brescia, Italy, 2007

“Trilogia”, Delle Battaglie gallery, Brescia, Italy, 2007

“Insediamenti”, Ravaldino’s Fortress, Forlì, Italy, 2007

“Per filo e per segno”, Dellapina gallery, Pietrasanta, Italy, 2007

“Gemine Muse”, San Sebastiano’s Oratory, Forlì, Italy, 2007

“Selvatico”, Sforza Palace, Cotignola, Italy, 2007

“Oraelabora”, exconvent of Cappuccini, Modigliana, Italy, 2007

“Miart”, Dellapina gallery, Milan, Italy, 2007

“Labirinto”, Il Vicolo, Cesena, Italy, 2006

“Sagge sono le muse”, Petrella Theatre, Longiano, Italy, 2006

“Datum Detail”, Sgarro gallery, Lonigo, Vicenza, Italy, 2003

“Stile libero”, Palazzo del Capitano, Bagno di Romagna, Italy, 2002

“Pavia – Giovane Arte Europea, Premio Internazionale d’Arte, Castello Visconteo, Pavia, Italy, 2001

“Undertrenta”, ex communal storehouse in Crema, Italy, 2001

“Quotidiana”, Civic Museum, Padova, Italy, 2001

“Start”, Salara, Bologna, Italy, 1999

“Biennale dei Giovani Artisti d’Europa e del Mediterraneo, ex slaughterhouse, Rome, 1999

“Pensieri d’Arte”, Scoglio di Quarto gallery, Milan, Italy, 1999

“Materica”, Parco della Rocca, Faenza, Italy, 1998

“Romagna – Kassel, progetto Euarca”, Vero Stoppioni gallery, S. Sofia, Italy, 1997

“Acqua 2o”, Faenza, Italy, 1997

“Quotidiana”, Civica Cavour gallery, Padova, Italy, 1996

“3D: la forma, la material, lo spazio”, Roccadi Montecchio, Italy, 1996

“Presenze”, Reggia dei Carraresi, Padova, Italy, 1996

“Senza protezione”, ex hospital, Rimini, Italy, 1995


“Premio San Fedele”, San Fedele gallery, Milan, Italy, 2008

“Premio Campigna”, workshop with Anne and Patrick Poirer, S. Sofia, Italy, 2007

“Centro Periferie”, Federculture prize, Rome, Italy, 2007

Permanent works:

“Progetto Euarca”, production of two public works for Baunatal municipality, Kassel, Germany